MAKChem Consulting
Sunnyvale. CA
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MAKChem - Consulting and Tech Writing

Mark Kent is a professional chemist with more than twenty years of experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and polymer industries. The following list of technical skills is representative of the broad range of experience that can be brought to solving your problems.

Technical Skills

  • Process Research and Development, including scale-up to 10- L and 15-L reactors
  • Design, execution and optimization of multi-step organic syntheses, including separation of chiral molecules
  • Working knowledge of manufacturing processes, cGMP practices, and ICH and CFR guidelines
  • Isolation of reaction products by column chromatography and prep.  HPLC
  • Analysis of reaction products by NMR, IR, Mass Spec, HPLC, GC, LCMS; interpretation of analytical results; development of analytical methods
  • Writing of SOPs for production of intermediates and products
  • Writing of test methods,  validation documents,  HazOps, patent applications, white papers, and safety procedures
  • Complete documentation of work;  presentation of progress and results at regular intervals
  • Management/ training of technicians and junior chemists




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