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Chemistry is one of the basic sciences, and an understanding of chemical principles gives a framework on which to build additional knowledge.
The intent of this set of three ten-week sessions is to give a basic understanding of chemistry; the level of understanding at the end of the third session is intended to be sufficient to meet part of the entry requirements of the University of California (The UC system requires two years of laboratory science, and these three sets of sessions are intended to cover material worth one year). 

NOTES – 1)  Algebra is a prerequisite of this class; 2) Students that are planning to major in a technical discipline may want to study material in addition to that covered by the contents of this course – an AP class in chemistry, for example, after they finish this class.  

There will be verbal quizzes over material that has been covered; while these will not be graded, the notebooks kept throughout the three sessions will be graded, and there will be a grade assigned at the end of the entire course, to satisfy the entry requirements of the UC system.
Safety of the students will be of major importance throughout the course of study: a chemistry lab is not the place for horseplay, or goofing off.

As this course is intended to be preparation for college courses, it will be a bit more costly than the general science classes offered at Rock-It Science.  The additional charges will also cover the increased amounts of chemicals, equipment, and consumable supplies used over the course of the year. The cost will be $490 per session for each student.

The course will start in fall 2008, when the normally scheduled courses at Rock-It Science start. There will be three sessions during the school year, with ten 2-hour classes per session.  Location of the classes will be at Rock-It Science, 2110 Walsh Ave. Unit F, Santa Clara, CA 95050.  The exact starting time will be determined a bit closer to the first session, but is likely to be 3:30 or 4:00 PM on Friday afternoons, and will run for two hours.

Contact: Mark Kent